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Featured Program: Animal Science

太阳3平台测速 is the only community college in the Willamette Valley with an Animal Science program. Drawing on the community as an instructional laboratory, you can access knowledge and skills to succeed in production livestock-related occupations and fields. If you're already employed in specific agricultural fields, you can upgrade or add to your skill set.

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Prepare for a career in agricultural or animal science. Already in the field? Upgrade your skill set at 太阳3平台测速. Get practical learning experiences through hands-on laboratory sessions. Learn from our passionate, knowledgeable faculty. Enjoy modest class sizes, and find opportunities to join co-curricular teams.

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We’ll Help You Chart Your Course

Not sure yet which program or degree path is right for you? That’s okay! At 太阳3平台测速, you can discover your passion and progress to success through seven different core areas of study — which we call meta majors. For example, you can choose Agriculture as a starting point, then decide later which degree option to focus on.

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